Thanks for stopping by ! I am Aditi and I belong to small city Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. I have created this space to share my thoughts, opinions and experiences on various things relating to beauty, books I read, DIYs and some random stuff too.I have been watching youtube videos on beauty for so long now but somehow I never discovered the amazing world of blogging. And then when I actually did, I was hooked from that day itself. I discovered so many amazing blogs on the internet and decided to start my own blog on blogger.

Now coming to my Blog Name Serene Sparkle, well I like everything sparkly and glittery but not to an extent that it looks gaudy so the thought of adding the word serene before sparkle randomly popped in my mind and yeah, that's how I came up with this name.

Some Random Facts About Me :

  • I like the Spanish language a lot. I listen to Spanish songs all the time and, even though I don't understand the lyrics but the Spanish music and it's pronunciation is what keeps me addicted to a very difficult foreign language. My favorite Spanish song is salvame (which means save me) by Anahi, go check it out on youtube.
  • My favorite color is purple and not just the normal purple but a very dark shade of purple.
  • I love spicy food and my favorite cuisines are Chinese and South Indian.I don't like eating sweets that much but Cadbury dairy milk is my all time favorite chocolate and also eating Indian ras malai.
  • Book reading habit was something that I developed in I think the year 2013 and before that, I kinda hated reading but I pushed myself into reading books and since then reading has become one of my favorite pastimes.
  • I'm commerce student.
  • My favorite genre of movies is horror. The classic evil dead and child's play series are my most favorite horror movies.
  • I'm a Sagittarius.
  • Sometimes I can be extremely shy and sometimes a complete extrovert,it depends on upon the environment and the people I'm surrounded with but most of the time I'm a reserved person and people always advise me to talk and speak up more often but once I get comfortable with someone I'm a very talkative person.
  • I hate judgmental people especially the ones who judge others on the basis of their physical and outward appearance.
  • I'm a mouse potato !
  • I really like watching tennis on TV and  yeah, some people find it boring especially the ones around me but I watch it anyway.
  • I love buying cute stationery, especially, spiral notebooks and diaries.
  • Disney movies are my all time favorite.You're never too old for a Disney movie and I love them all.

Phew ! That's all I have to say right now.I hope you'll like my blog and also, I would love to hear from you! let's connect :


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Email - serenesparkle.aditi@gmail.com





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